The Cantonments Football Club Youth Academy provides a football education for boys aged 6 to 17. Having developed over the last eight years we are now able to reach the youngest members of the local community and make sure they get the best possible introduction to the sport. Our team of Ghanaian coaches are helped by volunteers from around the world and work together with our Technical director to ensure that we provide high-quality age-specific training for every player.

Our aim is for talented young footballers to join us at a young age and grow up as a member of a thriving, community club. As they grow and improve they will move through the age groups receiving coaching tailored to their age and ability. The final step of the process comes after graduation from the Under 17 team when the best players will be invited to join our Senior Team and compete in an adult league. Any player who makes it to this stage will have the chance of a successful career and we are determined that anyone who doesn't make the grade will have been brought up to love and respect the game. In this way, everyone involved with the club will have a future in sport, be it professional or purely recreational.