• Dominic Baltisser

    Name : Dominic Baltisser
    Position : General Manager
    Home Town :
    Previous Club :
    Joined : January 2010

    Although Dominic has just recently been appointed General Manager, it feels as though he has been with Cantonments for as long as we can remember. Originally a volunteer in 2008, Dominic has returned to Ghana from his native Switzerland on a number of occasions to donate equipment and visit old friends. In 2010 he was given the job of General Manager with the responsibility for handling the administrative side of the club. He works to attract sponsorship, plan and allocate the club finances and monitor our players’ wellbeing and education.

  • Eric Ofori

    Name : Eric Ofori
    Position : Technical Director
    Home Town :
    Previous Club :
    Joined : March 2010

    Eric joined the club in 2010 as our new Technical Director, taking over from British coach Charles Gould. He has a wealth of experience of both youth and senior coaching in Ghana, having worked with top teams such as Accra Great Olympics. His links with Cantonments go back a long way because he used to live in the local community and has known Rama Kudolo and his family for many years. We hope that he will use all of his skills and expertise to guide the club forward in the coming years.

  • Rama Kudolo

    Name : Rama Kudolo
    Position : Football Consultant
    Home Town :
    Previous Club :
    Joined : 2000

    Rama co-founded the club with his father in 2000 and has remained an integral part of the Cantonments community ever since. His main role is to act as a figurehead for the club in the local community. Having excelled as both a player and a coach over the past eight years, Rama provides invaluable experience for young players coming up through the ranks as both a role model and father figure.