Ofori - Second Division should not be the end of the journey

12th August, 2010

Having been at the club for 6 months, Technical Director Eric Ofori talks about the start of his tenure, the current state of the club and how he plans to take his team forward in coming seasons.

How would you sum up your first six months as Technical Director of Cantonments FC?

It has been a very challenging time, especially the first 2-3 months. But I expected to face challenges, so I have been ready to tackle the various issues. Altogether, the longer I have been here, the more exciting and encouraging it has become

What where the major difficulties you had to deal with?

The general structures of the club that I came to meet became a challenge, because although they were very good, they didn’t perfectly suit the concept of the community. I needed to inject some new vibrancy to change attitudes and perceptions from players as well as the community.

Furthermore, the league preparation of my senior-team became an issue as the league continuously got postponed and then stopped after only 1 match due to the World Cup. But as we now played a few matches and gained some confidence, I can start changing my focus towards our youth teams.

So how happy are you with the league performance of our Seniors?

During the first few matches, we really struggled to find our rhythm. But we have now won three matches in a row, two of them away from home, and we didn’t concede a single goal. One of the main reasons for that is our striker Goerge Awuni, who is in brilliant shape. The sky is my limit, and I can’t rest before we have won the league trophy.

What are your major goals for the future?

As just mentioned, I really want to get promotion for the Seniors to the Second Division. That means I have to develop each and every player so that they play on their highest level possible, I have to get the very best out of them.

But the second division should not be the end of the journey. Especially after promoting some of our current Under 17 talents, I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be possible to qualify for the First Division. Long term, I dream about Cantonments producing national players at each level, under 17, under 20 and the Black Star National Team.

Cantonments FC receives a lot of volunteer coaches from overseas. How do you get on with volunteers?

Most of them do really surprise me with their football skills as well as with their coaching knowledge. It is fantastic having them training with the seniors in the morning or assisting me and Coach Kofi. They have a lot to offer, and they are very well accepted within the teams and the community. I never had a problem with any of them.