Cantonments Youth Academy Under 10s present their new Kit

20th June 2010

Today, Cantonments FC’s youngest talents came together to play a 7-a-side tournament at Prisons Park. The tournament was created to showcase the phenomenal work being performed by youth teams in the UK and Switzerland who have been donating kit to Cantonments FC. Many thanks to the players and staff of Colden Common Youth FC, FC Oberwil and FC Herrliberg for all their hard work!

The players were divided into three teams with each receiving one of the new kits. They had to pick a captain and an official team name and the chosen teams were as follows:

  • Chelsea (Captain: Eric)
  • Argentina (Captain: Samson)
  • Newcastle (Captain: Isaac)

Each match was played for two halves of fifteen minutes and the action was fantastic to watch, with so much genuine skill on show. Standout performers were Chelsea’s very young talents: Richard, Ruben and Eric. All three made brilliant use of their fine technique but at the same time didn’t forget team play.

All the teams were eager to win, as the champions were promised a treat of iced-kenkey (a Ghanaian snack) and the player of the match got rewarded with a new jersey. Finally, it was Argentina, who won the tournament after a nail-biting 3:3 draw against Chelsea.

Pro Football Agency consultant Mick Beard, who was attending the tournament to enjoy watching our youngest kids, was impressed by their talent. “It is so much fun watching these kids,” he said. “They make football look so easy and enjoyable!”

Final results:

Chelsea vs. Newcastle 1:3 (1:1)

Argentina vs. Newcastle 2:1 (1:1)

Argentina vs. Chelsea 3:3 (2:1)

Argentina crowned champions with four points from two games.