Our journey started in unusual circumstances when a small boy was given a present he could not use. Ernest Amoah received a pair of football boots from his parents but had nowhere to play, so he asked his good friend and mentor Rama Kudolo to form a club for him and his friends. Rama, who was playing professional football at the time, decided to consult his father for some advice. The two men agreed that the local community needed something to bind it together so Rama decided to take time out from his own career to set up and run a club for his local people.

Cantonments Youth Academy F/C was born in October 2000 as a place for boys aged 9 and under to play together and enjoy their football. It was only after many of the members were involved in a triumphant Inter-Schools football competition later that year that Rama realised he had some real talent on his hands. In 2002 after two years of training, the team was entered in the local Under 12 youth league and gradually worked their way up the table over the following seasons. To Rama's delight, Ernest himself proved to be one of the stars of this young team along with his friends Nanor and Polo.

In 2006 Rama encountered his first major problem - the players were too old to compete in the U12 league. It was then that he decided to take a big gamble - one that would shape the club's future. The team was expanded to cater for the entire Cantonments community with Rama running Under 12, Under 14 and Under 17 teams. New players had to be brought in to form the two extra teams and the club was gradually transformed. It was around this time that the club began its formal association with volunteer organisation Projects Abroad who were looking to help African sports teams by providing volunteers and equipment. One such volunteer, Alistair Slowe, fell in love with the club and extended his stay in Ghana to help Rama with the upcoming season.

2007 was a successful year for the club with Alistair and Rama working with volunteers to improve the standards of coaching for all of the new players. The manner of their progress convinced Projects Abroad to become more involved, with company director Dr Peter Slowe proposing some ideas to modernise the club. These plans came to fruition in early 2008 when Rama and Alistair entered an adult team in the Ghana Football Association Third Division for the first time ever. To mark this occasion, they renamed themselves Cantonments Football Club in order to encompass their Senior Team and Youth Academy teams with the hope that each year they would produce a group of players from the youth ranks to play for the Senior Team in the Third Division.

By now both Rama and Alistair felt that they had achieved what they had set out to do and wished to resume their football playing careers. Once again, Projects Abroad were able to help out by arranging for former volunteer David Flaschner to take over the day-to-day running of the club as the new Technical Director. David spent a year working with the club, further developing the training methods and overall development structure. It is thanks to Rama, Alistair, Peter, David and a host of volunteers and staff members that Cantonments Football Club is still going strong today, proving that hard work and perseverance can produce something magical from even the humblest of beginnings.